poster for the Matinée Outreach project giving details and contact informationMatinée was initially devised to provide dementia friendly cinema screenings across Derbyshire for people living with memory challenges, their family and friends.

Due to Covid19, we have repurposed the project to support people living with dementia in Derbyshire with aspects of social and cultural isolation. 

Please see the information about our Matinée Outreach programme for more details.


matinee screening

We aim to create a sociable and friendly atmosphere and we hope that all our patrons will enjoy the film and activities that we provide.

Volunteers and Movie Stars

Matinée film screenings include a great or classic film, often a musical, refreshments (including cake!), and interval events such as singing or fun film related activities.

We ensure our screenings are dementia friendly in a range of ways, including: creating a welcoming and relaxed environment; keeping lights on low during the film; providing clear signage; having a quiet space available for use at all times; and making sure all our staff and volunteers have suitable training.  All our venues are wheelchair accessible, with appropriate facilities.

Please note: Matinée does not provide any personal care or supervision, and the events are not held in secure spaces.

Matinée: Bringing creativity home

Arts Derbyshire is delighted to support Dementia Action Week 2021 with the launch of the second round of our Matinée Outreach dementia friendly arts project.  The project invites those living with dementia and their carers in Derbyshire to take part in a creative adventure over telephone and post with our fabulous team of professional artists.


Matinée Outreach – recruiting 3 artists April 2021

Matinée Outreach was launched response to the COVID19 lockdown. We had to cancel all planned film screenings, the impact of which deprives many people living with dementia and their carers of cultural and social interaction. Our response was to recruit and contract 2 artists to work creatively with c.30 individual households with people living with dementia


Matinée Outreach – Recruiting 2 Artists JULY 2020

Matinée Outreach, is a new element to our scheme and a response to the COVID19 lockdown and its effects on the project and its participants. We have had to cancel all our film screenings for the next year and know that is depriving many people living with dementia and their carers of cultural and social

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